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FB-39 SPLIT SET BOLT (Friction Stabilizer)

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FB-39 Split Set Bolt is primarily used for securing strata mesh by installing into existing 47mm friction bolts in conjunction with a smaller plate. Longer lengths are also used as primary ground support when drilling small diameter holes. Our FB-39 Split Set Bolt was made by high strength steel strip which special refined with very low level of Si & P in chemical components, it will make the bolt in perfect performance of supporting rocks, and help to have a good quality in galvanizing. Meanwhile, with our advanced PLC-controled auto welder, the bolt will has a very good performance when it is inserted in the rocks.

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As a based or re-inforced ground support Split Set Bolt used in applications, Dia.39mm C pipe of bolt body can offer an instant frictional forces that holds the rocks together, so it is also widely used in mines, tunnels and slopes etc. However meanwhile, the material strength and characteristic and the welds quality between ring and the C tube, become critical points on the.

FB39 Split Set Bolt Material

Pull testing is one of the most important testing for the FB-39 Split Set Bolt, the result is depending on the raw material, we will show customer a completely pull testing report together with a full inspection audit records to make sure the welds quality of each batch of the Split Set Bolts.

We have been in this line for more than 10 years, and co-operated with many famous customers in this field, our advantage rollformers and welders to make us to become the biggest qualified split set bolt (friction bolt stabilizers) in China, and get credit for a consistant good quality and service and become a suppllier of many famous mining companies from different area and countries in the world.

FB39 Split Set Bolt weld quality

It is a completely very critical point for the split set bolt welds which usually affect the performance of the bolt while used for ground support. We have a routine quality control system and warning system to get a consistant and stable perfect welds quality, and a job traveller records will also go through the whole production to be sure everything correctly.

Zinc mass is also an important point if customer required the Galvanized Split Set Bolt. With low level of Si & P, our split set bolt can get a very good zinc coating surface to have a better performance when it is used in corrosive environment. Different grade of material with different length are available. Black bolt is also available The standard packing for FB-39 Split set bolt is 150 untis per wooden or metal pallet.

FB39 Split Set Bolt Galvanizing checking


FB-39 SPLIT SET BOLT (Friction Stabilizer)

Dimensions Physical Properties Technical Data
Bolt Diameter A 39mm Yield Strength Min. 345 Mpa (85KN) Recommended Normal Bit Size 35-38mm
Bolt Length B 0.6-2.4m Typical 445Mpa(110KN)
Taper End Diameter C 30mm Tube Ultimate Tensile Strength Min. 470 Mpa (115KN) Typical Breaking Capacity 124KN
Taper Slot Wide D 2mm Typical 530Mpa(130KN)
Taper Length E 65mm Mass per Meter 1.92 Kgs Min. Breaking Capacity 89KN
Bolt Slot Wide F 17mm
Ring Location G 3mm Cross Section Area 245 mm² Recommended Initial Anchorage 3-6 Tons (27-53 KN)
Material Guage H 2/2.5mm
Ring Wire Guage I 6mm Hole Diameter Range 35-38mm Ultimate Axial Strain Typical 21% (Thk<16mm)
Ring Open Gap J 5-6mm


Code Bolt Description Diameter Length Surface Finish Weight Packing QTY/Pallet Ring Color ID
(mm) (mm) (Kgs)
FB39-0600 Split Set Bolt 39-600 39 600 Untreated 1.20 150 ­­-
FB39-0900 Split Set Bolt 39-900 39 900 Untreated 1.70 150 ­­­-
FB39-1200 Split Set Bolt 39-1200 39 1200 Untreated 2.40 150 ­-
FB39-1800 Split Set Bolt 39-1800 39 1800 Untreated 3.23 150 ­­­-
FB39-2400 Split Set Bolt 39-2400 39 2400 Untreated 4.30 150 ­­-
FB39-0600G Split Set Bolt 39-600 HDG 39 600 Hot Dip Galvanized 1.26 150 ­­-
FB39-0900G Split Set Bolt 39-900 HDG 39 900 Hot Dip Galvanized 1.80 150 ­­-
FB39-1200G Split Set Bolt 39-1200 HDG 39 1200 Hot Dip Galvanized 2.50 150 ­-
FB39-1800G Split Set Bolt 39-1800 HDG 39 1800 Hot Dip Galvanized 3.38 150 ­-
FB39-2400G Split Set Bolt 39-2400 HDG 39 2400 Hot Dip Galvanized 4.50 150 ­-


● Not as FB-47 Split Set bolt, FB-39 Split set bolt can be required by using different grade of material depends on different use environment to save the cost of ground support
● The same as main split set bolt, FB-39 Split Set Bolt is also the most easy and effective way for ground support, it's C shape body providing an instant full length ground support all the way to the hole, using together with mesh and plate to get a quick assemble and good support function
● Galvanizing and untreated Split Set Bolts are both available
● Full range of accessories available


Black FB39 Split Set Bolt

1. What is Combi Plate and how does it make ?
The FB-39 Split Set Bolt are made by different grade of steel strip, which is roll-formed into a longitudinal slot C shape tube along its entire length. A steel ring is full welded on the end of the tube by automatic welding device, which is to hold the plates to the rock surface.

2. How to use and assemble ?
The tubular C shape of the bolt generates a load transfer from the steel to the rock when installed into a slightly smaller diameter hole, and results in a frictional resistance pull-out load of the tube from the hole, and creating a full length radial pressure to the hole by increasing the contact surface of the steel to the rock due to its tubular shape, and when install onto the plate, it establishes a compressive force against the rock. When additional load bearing capacity is required, friction bolt can be grouted by cement grouts.


2. How to use and assemble ?
A pull collar fixing at the ring end enables load testing during the bolt installation. The tapered end of friction bolt can be easily inserted into the drilled holes. Friction bolt can be installed with either hand held or mechanized equipment, such as a jackdrill, a stopper, a roof bolting jumbo, or any other type of drill.

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