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As a traditional bearing plate, Dome Plate is designed to work together with Split Set Bolt or Cable Bolt to support the rocks, widely used in Mining, Tunnel and Slope etc as a mainly part in ground support applications.

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Dome plate was designed to offer a high load bearing capacity typically used with Split Set Bolt, Solid Bolt, Strata Bolt and Cable Bolt etc. It's dome profile could create an instant fixing force to the bolt and it's flange supporting on the rock surface getting a stable and safety support in ground support application

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Top Plate 1
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Dome plate has many different size and designed profile using on different strata conditions, it has typical size of 150x150x4mm and 125x125x4mm which is popular used in the ground support application

Load test is also necessary for Dome Plate, which can promise the bearing capacity of Dome Plate is reached the original design, the load testing result is completely different according to the different profile and different sizes of Dome Plate.

Load Testing  of Dome Plate


Code A  ( Size) B (thickness) C (Hole Dia.) Finish
DP125-4-33 125 x 125 4 36 Black / HGD
DP125-4-39 125 x 125 4 42 Black / HGD
DP125-4-47 125 x 125 4 49 Black / HGD
DP150-4-33 150 x 150 4 36 Black / HGD
DP150-4-39 150 x 150 4 42 Black / HGD
DP150-4-47 150 x 150 4 49 Black / HGD
DP150-6-33 150 x 150 6 36 Black / HGD
DP150-6-39 150 x 150 6 42 Black / HGD
DP150-6-47 150 x 150 6 49 Black / HGD
DP200-4-39 200 x 200 4 42 Black / HGD

Note: We offer OEM service, special size and profile Dome Plate is available

Domed Plate


● Flexible and easy to assemble together with support bolt
● With hanger loop to be helpful in ground support application
● Is suitable for direct placement onto the rock surface or used against welded mesh


Combi Plate Pack

1. What is Combi Plate and how does it make ?
Dome Plate, as a traditional bearing plate has many different use in ground support application. Same as other kind of plate, the mainly use of dome plate is also support the rock together with different kinds of bolts. It is made by steel strip by pressing and fabricating.

2. How to use and assemble ?
Just same as other kind of bearing plate, Dome plate is also drived into the hole together with different kind of bolts all the way to the rock surface and offer a good and safe support in the ground support application.

Combi Plate Assemble

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