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TRM finished the SS47 Split Set (Friction Bolts) of Chile Mining project

Today, we completed the production of 47 split set for our Chilean customer. The customer has nine 20 FCL containers in total. Our product is 47*2.4 meters split set. It took us 25 days to produce the order. Although the time is short, we still finish the production in a short time and extent quality.

First of all, in order to ensure the quality of customers’ goods, we use metal pallet for the 47*2700mm split set. That means the metal pallet could be strong enough to prevent damage during the transportation.


Secondly, strict quality inspection is carried out on each batch, especially the tension. The international standard tension is 170KN, and our tension can reach more than 200KN. It is far above international standards. The pride here is that our welding quality is very high. As you can see, the bolt is broken, while our weld part is still perfect.

friction bolt for rock

Finally, our roof is also made of top quality materials. Through special equipment processing, and then galvanized. Our bolts and roof are not only beautiful, but can be used for more than 40 years.

If you have mine bolt purchase needs, welcome to contact us. We will be 20 years supply experience, give you a satisfactory answer


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Post time: Feb-21-2023
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