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The classification of rock bolt and rock bolt types

 What is rock bolt types? There are seven main categories of rock bolt, which are introduced in detail in today’s news.

1. Wood bolt: There are two kinds of wood bolt used in China, namely ordinary wood bolt and compressed wood bolt.
2. Steel bar or wire rope mortar bolt: cement mortar is used as the bonding agent between bolt and surrounding rock.
3. Inverted wedge metal bolt: This bolt was once one of the most widely used bolt forms. Because of its simple processing, convenient installation, has a certain anchorage force, so this kind of bolt is still in use in a certain range.
4. Pipe seam bolt: It is a full-length friction bolt. This kind of bolt has the characteristics of simple installation, reliable anchorage, large initial anchorage force, long time anchorage force increases with the movement of surrounding rock, etc.
5. Resin bolt: Using resin as the binder of bolt, the cost is higher.
6. Fast hard expansion cement bolt: ordinary Portland cement or slag Portland cement is added to the admixture, with fast setting, early strength, water reduction, expansion and other characteristics.
7. Double fast cement bolt: It is made of finished early strength cement and double fast cement mixed in a certain proportion. It has the characteristics of fast hardening, fast setting and early strength.

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