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Maintenance Ground Support System

The Maintenance Ground support System provides the aircraft ground crew and maintenance support personnel with the means to upload and download all aircraft maintenance data for analysis with respect to health and usage. The system also supports data exchange with fleet-management systems and can provide the Gripen aircraft with software updates.

Analysis of maintenance data

The Maintenance Ground Support System enables the management of aircraft maintenance management functions under operating conditions in different locations.

It provides the aircraft ground crew and maintenance support personnel with the means to retrieve the maintenance data recordings from one or several sorties, form the aircraft’s Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) for automatic evaluation and analysis. The system also provides tools for the manual failure isolation of failure events, and provides plots and graphs to support technicians in making the aircraft serviceable.

Supporting aircraft software updates

The Gripen fighter aircraft can always receive software updates regardless of their location, to meet the current operational requirements. The Maintenance Ground Support System, as well as interfaces between the aircraft and Digital Map Generating System to upload field loadable data.

Interfaces with fleet management systems

The Maintenance Ground Support System supports the transfer of data to different fleet management systems for technical material support and planning. By exchanging technical performance data for the handling of aircraft operational parameters and fatigue data for aircraft line replaceable units etc., cost effective material and maintenance management is achieved.

Maintenance ground support system MGSS

In pace with the real aircraft, Saab delivers advance operational support systems and training system media made to reflect the weapon system is current configuration. Saab has established a development process where all requirements for the entire weapon system are captured early, thus influencing its design right from the start.

The design once approach, common to all tools and software used in developing the real aircraft, ensures that any changes to the aircraft are automatically reflected in the support and training systems.

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